Chinese superstar BING recently made her international debut, releasing "Hanging On." The song provides a taste of what to expect from her forthcoming album, Reverse Time, slated to drop in early 2018. As one of Asia's most popular singers, BING performs wearing a mask, thus emphasizing her character rather than her beauty.

Renowned for her voice and music, BING is also celebrated for her distinctive fashion statement, beginning with the mask and extending to her chic utilization of a variety of sartorial textures and patterns.

Stylistically, BING amalgamates contemporary pop and electronic flavors with sounds from her native homeland of China, creating a distinctive blend of music that is hers and hers alone, set apart by her evocative delivery, intricate songwriting and compelling melodies.

BING's voice is nonpareil, full of a translucent clarity seemingly from another glistening realm. It emanates a passion intense and focused, potent with a prodigious delicious resonance brimming with penetrating textures and points of sonic luminescence. In short, it's breathtaking, sublime and stormy with scintillating power.


Bing Original Music
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